Balancing organizational data sanitization needs with cost and the environment is one of the most tricky decisions for our partners and clients

Physical destruction by shredding ensures total confidence of data sanitization and eliminates the chances of data recovery. After all, what information can you recover from thousands of part pieces? At the same time, this physical destruction process increases the complexity and probability of recycling by impeding the recovery of materials further downstream.

For our environmentally conscious clients, they may choose to perform secure erasure of data storage media that do not contain highly sensitive information so that equipment may be recycled for their materials or refurbished to serve out a second useful life.

An example of when a customer would choose an erasure method (Secure erase, Cryptographic Erase) would be Apple Macbook Pros (late models after 2017) that have soldered on storage and memory, which would entail partners to choose between physically destroying the entire device's electronic boards or using secure erasure methods on the SSD.

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