Our Clients

Databyte Clients

Our satisfied clients include both public and private organizations. Examples include Coca Cola, ExxonMobil, Fujifilm, Tertiary Institutions, MOE Schools and healthcare organizations that trust us with their information systems' end of life data sanitization and disposal needs.

Every organization has their own special data sanitization and internal compliance needs. Databyte Solution is committed to work with our clients and partners to determine the best practices and processes for each of their unique needs, while ensuring a secure and auditable data sanitization process.

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Government Agencies and Financial Institutions

Government Agencies' information systems usually hold the highest value information for nefarious parties as these data are usually classified and not for public access. Certain agencies such as defense forces, healthcare organizations and economic agencies can hold highly sensitive information that must never end up outside organizational control. These organizations will usually require onsite data medium destruction, either performed by in house staff or by trusted third party vendors such as Databyte Solution

Financial institutions are deeply intertwined with many aspects of the economy, and financial information such as bank account details and financial statements are all extremely sensitive and valuable information. All financial institutions should perform a minimal of purging or destroying of their information storage medium at the end of their useful life.

Multinational Companies

Large Multinational Companies often hold large amounts of corporate information such as financial information, employee data, commercial contracts and sensitive supplier and pricing information.

These information, if breached, could potentially cause damage to these companies and their business partners if obtained by competitors or nefarious parties.

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) make up the bulk of businesses in most economies but they are also the most vulnerable to data breaches as they usually have limited IT resources to dedicate to data security. However, this does not eliminate the need to securely dispose of their used storage medium and IT equipment.

Due to the lower volume of storage medium, they usually have to send their storage medium offsite for sanitization.

Other Organizations

Databyte Solution provides services for all sizes of organization, both private and public.

All organizations of any size, should practice minimally, a zero overwriting, or secure erase of the storage medium of devices that are leaving the organization's control. Erasure processes such as Single Pass Overwriting with zeroes, ATA / SCSI / NVMe Secure Erase or even Cryptographic Erase are all measures that organizations can take to protect their data before disposing of their storage medium.

In addition, organizations can do their part by educating members on cyber security measures and implementing simple control measures such as user access controls, timely software updates and patching, scheduled data backups, forced password changes with minimum password complexity, 2 factor authentication and drive encryption, amongst many other measures.

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